Letters to the Editor

NRA makes U.S. a battlefield

Your right to play with battlefield weapons in public places must not overrule my right to live. In recent years, no mass shooter has ever been part of a well-regulated militia. Most were mentally unfit to own a weapon of any kind. Others had political agendas.

Now the NRA defends the rights of individuals with terrorist sympathies to own battlefield weapons, protecting mass murder. Therefore, the NRA sponsors and supports terrorism.

Those who wrote the Constitution never envisioned our standing, professional army. It was assumed that ordinary citizens would remain armed in preparation for military service, called into militias if necessary. That has not happened since before the Civil War.

The Second Amendment never intended undisciplined, unfit individuals to terrorize the general population. Battlefield weapons do not belong among our civilian population. Period.

The NRA constantly warns us about impending governmental tyranny. The only real tyranny in America is imposed by the NRA, and those politicians it owns. They have flooded the civilian population with weapons meant for the battlefield. Consequently, our civil society is being transformed into a battlefield.

The carnage must stop. Either the people will break the NRA, or the NRA will break the USA.

J. David Hollingsworth