Letters to the Editor

Doctors deadlier than guns

“Prig: noun. A self-righteously moralistic person who behaves as if superior to others; a person who demands of others a pointlessly precise conformity.”

A prig is created in journalism when a publisher selects a person of common intellect and elevates him to the status of columnist. He begins to believe that he is possessed of superior knowledge and that his opinion carries weight. Actually, it simply places him in a position to form a conclusion, find statistics to support it and then inflict it on the rest of us because he has the printing presses.

Columnist Tom Eblen must have felt a tingle run up his leg when he discovered that the American Medical Association had voted to declare gun violence a public health crisis. Finally, he had something to bolster his gun-controlling snobbery.

In 2012, there were a bit over 33,000 firearm-related deaths a year.

On the other hand, a study led by a Johns Hopkins medical professor has found that the third-leading cause of death in the U.S. is medical error. The number is 251,000 lives per year, nearly 10 times as many as firearms.

Maybe after the good doctors study themselves, get their house in order and reduce the hazards of medical care, they could more credibly call for a study of gun violence.

Bud Salyer