Letters to the Editor

Don’t listen to the GOP

We are doing an overkill when it comes to gun ownership. When we older people were young, we knew no one was going to take our guns. Young people get paranoid over nothing. Stop listening to Republicans’ lies.

Republicans use scare tactics to get elected. They don’t care anything about us poor people; all they care about are their pocketbooks. Gov. Matt Bevin has proven this. Why don’t they tax the rich the same percentage as in the 1950s?

As for immigration, doesn’t this land belong to the American Indians? We stole this land from them, gave them our diseases and forced them to bow to Christianity. It is about time white European settlers go back to Great Britain.

What is Donald Trump talking about “taking this country back”? From obstructionist Republicans in Congress? It is high time we Democrats take this country back from the far-right Republicans so we hard-working middle class can live as well as the top 10 percent.

Victor Privett