Letters to the Editor

Congress not serving us

Why do we tolerate the behavior of our elected officials in the House and Senate? They are sworn to serve the people, their constituents. Yet, they don’t serve us. They rant madly about the economy, yet they haven’t passed a jobs bill in years.

The majority of Americans voted for a second term for President Barack Obama, yet congressional leaders hatefully obstruct his presidency at every turn.

Polls consistently indicate that most Americans want common-sense gun control legislation passed, yet these clowns in Congress stuff wads of cash in their pockets, courtesy of the NRA, while ignoring the will of the voters.

Why do we put up with this? Because they smile from ear to ear, wildly wave the American flag, profess their Christianity and belief in “family values,” eat apple pie and kiss babies? Are we really the suckers they take us to be? We need to vote some of them out in November.

Angela Arnett Garner