Letters to the Editor

Blue states not that great

A few weeks ago, a commentary by Roger Guffey pointed out why he thought red states were inferior to blue states. He wrote that red state citizens are poorer, sicker, less educated and more apt to kill one another. As Paul Harvey used to say, now for the rest of the story.

If blue states are such wonderful places to live, how come most are losing population? California has lost more than a million residents in the last decade and New York is losing 150,000 a year. Listed by experts as the causes are high taxes, high housing costs and weak job markets.

By contrast, many red states are gaining population, and the reasons are lower cost of living, more jobs and less government intervention.

Guffey says there are more murders in red states, but he wants us to ignore the high murder rate in the blue-state cities of Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Oakland, Camden and Buffalo, to name a few.

Also, blue states Connecticut and Illinois are listed as two of the worst run in the country.

Charles Adams