Letters to the Editor

Conservatives aren’t victims

Richard Nelson’s commentary, “Unfair to demonize social conservatives over Orlando tragedy,” is the perfect example of how manipulative muckrakers win arguments by changing the subject and then violently attacking the wrong argument.

The vast majority of the post-Orlando headlines were about gun control. Nelson briefly mentions gun control, but then goes into a tangent about the LGBT community and how some from that community have blamed the Orlando shooting on anti-LGBT sentiments in the media (which were led by political conservatives).

By basing his entire argument around a handful of vitriolic statements, he made himself a victim, thus sounding heartfelt and passionate. In reality, his tactics are underhanded and deceitful.

Nelson must know that gun control is the issue, and political conservatives refuse to talk about it. By attacking the wrong argument, he completely avoided the issue at hand.

Not only that, he made the pro-gun conservatives whom he represents sound like victims and made the actual victims sound like insensitive monsters. Arguments like Nelson’s are exactly how otherwise decent people can do maliciously vile acts and then excuse their own actions.

Bronson O’Quinn