Letters to the Editor

Bevin plan will hurt all

Gov. Matt Bevin’s plan to reduce health care will hurt all Kentuckians, not just those living in poverty. Medicaid expansion has meant a great deal to the 500,000 citizens who no longer must fear early death or financial ruin for lack of insurance.

The expansion has meant a great deal to hospitals and other providers, especially those in rural areas. Massive amounts of uncompensated care have been reduced, resulting in a firmer financial footing.

Increased jobs and increased tax revenue from the $30 billion in federal money flowing into Kentucky mean the expansion will pay for itself.

Why in the world abolish a program that became a national model of success? Time magazine said it well: Kentucky finally got it right. To abolish dental care in the entire program is just downright mean, but we absolutely know no health insurance means an early death. With all due respect, the plan is a bad one, and it will hurt all Kentuckians.

Ewell Scott