Letters to the Editor

Complaints are insulting

A June 30 front-page story reported on two dozen speakers at a public hearing who criticized Medicaid adjustments. A half-page of the front section was dedicated to proposed inequities.

No, not to cut benefits, but to induce able-bodied recipients to earn them.

What a concept. No, what an indignity. A Louisville man says it’s not “dignified” to pick up trash for vision and dental benefits. I would be ashamed to sling such an insult at hard-working people who clean up other people’s messes.

Obviously, he objects to physical labor. So sanitation workers and state road crews have “undignified” jobs?

And he seems to have missed the other options to earn these benefits, such as volunteering, taking a class, filling out a health assessment form or getting a job.

I have a job, I volunteer. I pay vision and dental bills out of my pocket because people like him have made such coverage unaffordable. Because of state and federal entitlements, my basic health coverage costs went up more than 30 percent last year, after going up more than 30 percent the year before.

It’s unsustainable, but nobody cares because people want it all handed to them, and the Herald-Leader agrees.

Richard Bendure