Letters to the Editor

Poor aren’t lazy

According to the 2014 Kentucky census looking at people living at or below 125 percent of the federal poverty level, the largest group in poverty are the disabled at 36.5 percent; next are the working poor, 35.4 percent; children under 18, 32.3 percent; and people over 65 make up 18.2 percent.

Include in this mix people caring for family members and students obtaining an education. According to the Brookings Institute, they make up a combined 15 percent.

So, why is the Medicaid plan written as though those needing health care are lazy and unwilling to work? The punitive and condescending manner it is written in suggests that those who wrote it were either not aware of or ignored the facts about the poor in Kentucky.

This plan punishes the poor because businesses and corporations do not pay adequately or hire full time. If Gov. Matt Bevin wants to change the face of poverty in Kentucky, I suggest he complain to those in a position to effect the change.

Rene Thompson