Letters to the Editor

Islam, not guns, to blame

A Herald-Leader editorial praised Democrats for staging a sit-in in the U.S. House. They claimed the mantel of the civil rights movement, as they continue to blame guns for mass murders. They want “common sense gun regulation.”

However, this is all political grandstanding. The problem is not guns; it is the Islamic dogma.

Islam is not just a religion like Judaism, Christianity or Hinduism. Islam, as practiced by so-called radicals, is a legal system (Sharia law), and a political system and its dictates include military goals (caliphate) and brutal eighth-century enforcement mechanisms like beheading, public lashing, honor killings, cutting off of hands, etc.

If a person, an imam or a mosque is suspected of supporting or promoting radical Islam or terrorism, there should be no legal shield from investigation afforded under the First Amendment protection of religion. Orlando, Ft. Hood, San Bernardino, Chattanooga, Paris, Brussels and hundreds more attacks around the world were not caused by guns; all were caused by followers of radical Islam.

Ray Davis