Letters to the Editor

Wrong reason to protest

It amazes me that members of Congress will stage a sit-in on gun control because a whacko or an extremist wants to kill a bunch of people. They are concerned about innocent lives lost unnecessarily. That should be a concern for all of us. However, controls work only for honest people. Take a look at Chicago. They have some of the strictest gun control anywhere in the country, but the number of people killed by guns is also the highest. Common sense would figure there might be something to that, but instead, we stage sit-ins.

If they want to stage a protest, let’s do something that could save millions of lives. How about Planned Parenthood? Think of the millions of innocent lives that never even get a chance. Think of all of the minds we have lost. One of them could have come up with a cure for cancer or one could have figured a new way to develop cleaner energy. Unfortunately we will never know. Congress needs to get away from their petty self-indulgent thinking and look at the big picture.

Harry Van Epps