Letters to the Editor

Take climate change seriously

A letter writer, apparently a retired industrialist, thinks he knows more about climate change than 97 percent of the world’s expert, practicing climate scientists, and most other practicing scientists, including me. He dispels scientific consensus, yet in contradiction, he undoubtedly seeks the advice of his doctor, drives a car and rides in an airplane, all of which are expert-science based. Such climate-change deniers are completely self-absorbed or are paid by the fossil-fuel industry or their political puppets to distract and delude so as to keep the profits and power for themselves.

One of our presidential candidates has said that his view on climate change is that “it goes up and it goes down.” That position is similarly shallow to Mr. Climate-is-just-fine’s denial of reality. When you vote this fall, for your grandchildren’s sake, please consider that the great majority of expert, practicing climate scientists conclude that man-made climate change may be the most pressing challenge to the future of humanity we face.

Unabated climate change will spawn more problems relating to human migration, starvation, lack of potable water, extreme weather, and hopelessness-based extremism for all the grandchildren of our world.

George Wagner