Letters to the Editor

Trump, Bevin not fit to hold power

I hope people see the humor in Gov. Matt Bevin complimenting Donald Trump’s eligibility for presidency. It is sort of like Adolf Hitler saying Joseph Stalin is a pretty good leader.

Though I do appreciate the obvious joke in all of this, I have to remind myself and America that these people have metaphorical steam blowing out of their teapots, waiting to explode.

Due to the fact both seem to be hell bent on destroying this country one policy at a time, we all have to rush over to the kitchen and lift the kettle off of the stove before their words catch fire and blow up the kitchen (or, in this case, the country).

That is why I urge supporters of Bevin and Trump to take off their political goggles and see the absolute absurdity for what it is. Neither of them is fit to be in places of power, and it is time someone put an end to their preposterous political beliefs. I will start the movement, but I will not be the only one to end it. Join me.

Zaynab Khan