Letters to the Editor

Something to think about

Have you noticed:

There is a widespread misconception that the United States is a democracy rather than a republic?

The U.S. citizen’s sovereignty has been compromised and undermined by a multitude of rigged election mechanisms?

We live in a world that is naturally dangerous, and we must be reminded of this by various means on a daily basis?

It serves the interests of the political hierarchy to have nearly continuous, unabated campaigning?

It is perilous to be in the pathway of the transfixed texting aficionado?

It seems as if the various media disseminate essentially the same information from the same playbook?

All meteorologists are afflicted with a malady which dictates that they emphasize the negative aspects in a forecast?

Elaboration is typically absent in regard to the likelihood of implementing all those political promises?

Getting medical insurance and getting medical care are two entirely separate things?

Sin taxes are gaining popularity as a means of financing government services?

The money generated by the Supreme Court’s “money is speech” decision comes right out of your pocketbook?

The “buy now, pay later” economic model produces massive debt in all jurisdictions and classes?

Mike R. Myers