Letters to the Editor

Trump not hateful

People badly misinterpret what Donald Trump says and the media are very happy to help them. Let me use Trump’s Mexican judge comment as an example.

When Sonia Sotomayor was put on the Supreme Court, she gave a little speech. She said that her background and upbringing would color her every decision. That’s all that Trump said about the judge. The media added that he said the judge was not qualified to be a judge. Trump never said that. He just felt that in his own particular case, the judge relied too much on his background. Even though the judge was born in America, I bet he feels deeply in his heart and soul that he is Mexican. It was almost impossible for him to say something that would be good for Trump and possibly help him become president.

I rely often on my own background, and I bet most of you do. Trump does not hate Mexicans. He has little or nothing to do with hate at all.

Helen Martin