Letters to the Editor

Ignore Trump, enjoy summer

Donald Trump is in Cleveland to lock down GOP politics and his vision for America. To understand his platform, avoid the insane bleat of convention TV and read Garry Trudeau’s July 13 “Doonesbury” comic. It’s Trump’s platform in a nutshell.

As GOP organizers inflame “their people” with hate and fear of the world, the Secret Service and FBI will have guns in the convention hall. Trump protestors will be corralled to a hinterland.

This yearlong Trump candidacy is ridiculous. There’s no secret to getting rid of Trump. Ignore him. His ego can’t stand it. He needs constant attention. We have no intention of ever protesting against him.

On Nov. 8, we will tell Trump, the GOP’s humiliated, tail-tucking leadership and the silly entertainment/news media what our intentions are.

Meanwhile, folks, turn off the TV, picnic, play and enjoy the summer.

Judy Rembacki