Letters to the Editor

Trump won’t sell out

In the arena of genuine importance, the misquotations, petty phrases exaggerated to false stature, half-truths and outright lies that Hillary Clinton, other politicians and pundits have attributed to Donald Trump equate in total value with a three dollar bill.

With reference to our insane debt ($19.3 trillion), insane interest bill ($229 billion in 2015), 50 million citizens living in poverty, the increasing numbers of working poor, the vanishing middle class, and our profit-driven, calamitous foreign policy, the latest Trump put-down was a sterling endorsement in disguise, and it contained indisputable justification for voters who wish to cast an intelligent vote in November.

The usual put-downers reported with relish: “Trump raised only $1.3 million and Hillary raised $43 million.” Honestly translated, that simply means Clinton is already selling out our Oval Office to big business. If she dupes enough voters to win the presidency, profiteers with policy-making voices will have a say and not one of them will be elected by we the people.

America is in the intensive-care unit and could be moved to hospice care any day now. Hasn’t she suffered enough, self-serving status quo voters? Only you hold the medicine that can restore her health.

Shafter Bailey