Letters to the Editor

Gray gets it backward

Mayor Jim Gray argued in his recent column for a “no fly, no buy” list for gun purchases, and that Sen. Rand Paul’s constitutional opposition puts him on the side of terrorists.

Yes, we certainly need more “common sense” when it comes to protecting Americans, like a secret list of Americans who are denied their constitutional and human rights to protect themselves. How you get on the list, or how you get off the list is irrelevant. Due process? Mere details.

After being denied the purchase of a weapon at a gun store, the “listed,” law-abiding terrorist might abandon jihad. Or, lacking that little voice inside, he might buy a pressure cooker and gasoline and make a bomb. A Senator Gray could then legislate “no cook” and “no drive” lists, too.

Running for office while in office, Gray says “professional politicians” are standing in the way of national security. Some of those politicians, including Paul, question the wisdom of unbridled immigration from countries that breed terror, abuse women and murder homosexuals.

Perhaps we should make a list of those countries, or we can rewrite Lady Liberty’s plaque: “Give me your misogynistic, homophobic, huddled masses, yearning for jihad.”

Cameron S. Schaeffer