Letters to the Editor

Rethink rural tax

The Herald-Leader published a well-researched article about property valuation in Fayette County questioning exemptions and singling out agricultural property valuations. It appeared to suggest that some people paid less than they should and the Property Valuation Administrator was responsible.

Please consider:

1. Outside the Urban Services Boundary, no house can be built on less than 10 acres

2. The value of a 10-acre lot is less than the sum of its parts; 10 one-acre lots are typically worth more than one larger lot.

3. The same house on 10 acres pays more than one on a quarter-acre lot.

4. Smaller with higher density housing leaves less space for trees and grasses that inhibit water runoff.

5. Loss of natural land cover is an important factor in urban flooding.

6. The cost of the EPA storm water management settlement in Fayette County has been billed to every household.

A fairer solution might consider: Smaller lots (which I oppose); a water runoff abatement credit to owners of 10 acres or more; mandating cisterns for houses inside the USB to reduce storm water; or, leave the practical existing system in place, for it is basically fair and easily administered.

William Dowden

Willin Farm