Letters to the Editor

King Coal’s war on miners

There is no war on coal, but there is a war on miners and it is not being waged by President Barack Obama but by the coal companies.

They have always been more interested in profits than employees. Safety regulations had to be imposed on them. They had to be forced to stop using child labor. Miners’ efforts to unionize were violently opposed by the companies.

Companies used equipment, strip mining and mountaintop removal to increase profits by eliminating jobs. Now, as coal companies go under, they turn to Republican-packed courts to renege on their commitments to their retirees.

Do the Republicans oppose gas pipelines to help coal? No.

Do they oppose fracking to help coal? No.

Now they want to gain your votes by claiming the Democrats are waging a war on coal. It is simply not true. Natural gas companies are out-competing coal in the market with Republican help.

Wade Crabb