Letters to the Editor

Laws an attack on abortion rights

Over the last few decades, anti-choice operatives have advocated for laws that choke off abortion access with new clinical, procedural and physician rules to deny women their constitutional right to control their reproductive health.

Insisting on hospital-like conditions, additional certifications and licensure and waiting periods, anti-choicers masquerade as advocates for women’s health.

The recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling effectively eliminates some of these restrictive laws. In light of this, retired Kentucky Supreme Court Justice J. William Graves’ July 5 commentary is especially tone deaf.

Graves applauds the recent state appellate court decision to effectively require the Lexington EMW Women’s Clinic, one of only two abortion providers in Kentucky, to earn a license in addition to the certification that has allowed it to practice lawfully in Lexington for years.

In other words, Graves applauds the very kind of tactic ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

Graves states, “We are a nation of laws.”

Indeed, we are. A woman’s access to a safe, legal abortion is protected by the Constitution.

Linda A. Connolly