Letters to the Editor

Applaud Bevin for trying to bring sense to Medicaid expansion

Contrary to K.A. Owens’ recent commentary suggesting Gov. Matt Bevin’s request for a Medicaid waiver is misguided and harmful, I contend that former Gov. Steve Beshear’s expansion of Medicaid was temporarily helpful but greatly misguided.

The expansion provided medical insurance for more than 400,000 poor people but was misguided because the state will incur extraordinary expense when federal supplement is reduced. Where will our cash-strapped state find the money? Taking funds from programs such as mental health, public health, education and transportation is unacceptable.

Bevin is trying to save the expansion by requiring able-bodied adults to pay a premium that is insignificant when compared to premiums and co-payments paid by most of us for health coverage that is less than that provided by Medicaid. Bevin should be applauded, not criticized for trying to bring good sense from folly.

We should all hope the Medicaid waiver will be approved.

Jimmy D. Helton