Letters to the Editor

Don’t let up on the poor, it’s for their own good

Gov. Matt Bevin must get serious about punishing the poor.

Why do we allow them to have barbecue grills? It must stop because studies show a relationship between cancer and charbroiled food. Every poor person should be weighed weekly and issued a voucher if they did not gain weight. It’s extravagant, but the health crisis among these people is out of hand. As for their dental needs, aren’t they known for fighting? Let them knock one another’s teeth out.

The poor need financial literacy classes so they will to be able understand legal papers, such as notices the gas is being cut off for non-payment, or the car is being repossessed for inability to pay the 36 percent interest on the note. The poor, obviously unaware that their minimum wage paycheck cannot support even a single person, must be forced to calculate why $800 a month does not equal $1,200 a month.

We need community policing to make sure they understand the seriousness of their situation. If caught having fun or even gathering to talk, they must be immediately restrained and show the sorrow Bevin thinks appropriate.

He also should give every poor household a Bible. Since they shouldn’t be allowed to waste money on Kleenex, they can use the pages to sop up their tears.

Sally Wasielewski