Letters to the Editor

Can’t trust Clinton

In spite of the high-powered Clinton campaign with its extensive organization, detailed voter profiles and deep-pocket donors, Americans (many first-time voters) are stronger and more determined for a change than all the combined Clinton-Obama strategies thrown at us.

One cannot build trust at the last minute after a lifetime of scandals, including hidden Whitewater records, numerous failures and deaths in Benghazi, exposure of classified governmental emails and leveraging Hillary Clinton’s position as secretary of state to accumulate a personal fortune via questionable foreign contributions to the Clinton Foundation.

Her judgment in the Middle East has contributed to many of the problems there, including the rise of ISIS. It is difficult to name one of her accomplishments or actual jobs, outside the Clinton Foundation, created during her career.

America should not accept such a leader and throw away our collective integrity at the polls. This is our country, not the politicians’.

Vote for candidates who will implement policies that reflect values we have held dear for more than 200 years: self-reliance, integrity, work ethic and the freedom to succeed or fail through personal endeavor.

Neita Falkner