Letters to the Editor

Fueling white men’s anger

From the July 10 Herald-Leader, “I resist reading trash from the New York Times, Washington Post and other liberal rags.” Another reader the same day, “This administration has made a mockery of our military, our Constitution and our nation’s security. I have lost all faith in our federal government. ... God help the United States.”

And I say, may God save us from this loose-cannon raving that is the real threat to our security and our values. Yes, curse the media, but it’s not the newspapers, it’s television, bloggers and talk radio that fuel the anger among old white men sitting and spewing at the fast-food franchise.

While they grumble at government and all things “liberal,” thoughtful Americans are doing their best to get us through the turmoil at home and from overseas, turmoil from inevitable disruptions brought by technology and globalization.

Think of the nameless government employees working overtime in our interests, all the military and national security personnel sacrificing to prevent more tragedies than we’d suffer without them; doctors, teachers, EMTs and scientists fighting epidemics and climate change (yes, it is real).

Take another sip of coffee, then go home and turn off your damned radio.

Ernest Henninger