Letters to the Editor

First family with class

Not even Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis had the poise, intelligence and elegance of first lady Michelle Obama; and no other first lady had a degree from even one, let alone two Ivy League colleges. I trust that someday everyone will look back on this couple and realize just how much grace and dignity they brought to the White House. Not one scandal; beautifully brought up children; intelligent, articulate, funny and forward-thinking people; and an obviously strong, loving marriage.

I can only suppose that, at the end of the day, this was what drove the Republicans functionally insane. Two beautiful, educated, intelligent black people never touched by a twinge of scandal, governing with a wise and intelligent view, never missing a beat, nothing there of the stereotype that the Republicans so desperately looked for.

So, in the end, Republicans were reduced to ad surtum ruminations such as birtherism or Donald Trump and Sen. John McCain’s absurd and despicable assertion that our president was to blame for the Orlando murders perpetrated by a madman. Republicans have nothing, no basis on which to oppose him so they are reduced to lies piled upon lies. The Obamas exude class and breeding while the Republicans wallow in the mud.

Jim Porter