Letters to the Editor

Bias killing newspapers

In regard to Paul Prather’s July 10 column, certainly the internet is a major cause of the decline of newspapers. However, after over 22 years in the business, I know there is another reason. What used to be called the newspaper has been replaced by the opinion paper or propaganda paper.

Many of us old-timers still prefer a printed paper but have gotten so turned off by the current generation of snobbish, elitist liberal-leaning ideologues calling themselves journalists that we no longer want to pay for a subscription.

Hugely successful businesses like McDonald’s or Fox News have figured out how to competitively sell their products in an ever-changing world. Not so in the newspaper industry. Actually, newspapers keep doing even more of what’s failing them in the first place. But that’s what liberals do best: blame someone or something else for their failures without doing the critical thinking needed to solve the problem.

Lee Martin