Letters to the Editor

Now the ‘trans-race’ debate

I recently saw in our “news” paper that someone in Kentucky was wondering whether there is something called “trans-race,” whereby someone, of say, the white race could actually be of the black race, or the Spanish-white-race (there is a current legal category for white-Spanish).

Or, that they could just announce that they were actually of a different race, a tactic already tried by a few personalities. (Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren is one example.) This would throw the Census Bureau into an uproar, because it affects the count of each race. However, this would be an enviable and financial windfall for our aggressive lawyers to settle. (I should, instead, say, “argue.” These disputes don’t settle anything.)

This just gets more wonderful by the day. We just haven’t gotten to the bottom of the “creation barrel” yet. I wonder if I could get a federal grant to research this. Maybe someone already has a grant for it, so I’d better get busy and join in the harvest.

C. Ray Davis