Letters to the Editor

Obama follows script on shootings

President Barack Obama usually makes a statement after a mass shooting. He’s made a lot of them since 36 such tragedies have occurred during his two terms, more than any other president. But there seems to be a template that he and the media use. His statement on the murder of the five Dallas policemen is an example. He spent more time blaming guns than talking about the hatred that motivated the black shooter.

The media template is: If a black person shoots a white person, the narrative is gun control. If a white person shoots a black person, the narrative is racism. If a black person shoots another black person, the media runs a story on the Kardashians. I don’t mean to be flippant, and sincerely hope that no innocent person is ever shot, whether a black child in Chicago or a white policeman in Dallas.

Also, Democrats always call for more gun control. But knee-jerk legislation is not a solution. Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. Result? There have been 306 homicides with firearms in Chicago so far this year and the Chicago Tribune reports that 77 percent were black-on-black crime. You don’t hear much from Obama on that particular mass shooting nor much lamentation for all of the black deaths. Why? It doesn’t fit the narrative.

Hugh Davis