Letters to the Editor

Radioactivity good for us

It’s ironic that we live in a time of high-tech electronics, supersonic airplanes, satellites and nuclear power plants and yet the masses of people are ignorant of basic science. Even more unsettling is the fact that the knowledge of highly learned professionals is often wrong.

Their falsehoods cascade down the educational ladder resulting in a populace with an aberrant view of reality. It’s truly a Kafkaesque scenario where truth is rejected and replaced by superstition and lies.

Example: The people of Estill County are up in arms over the dumping of low-level radioactive waste, dirt from fracking operations, in their area. The falsehood driving this fear is that all nuclear radiation is harmful, when in fact, there is overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary.

As with medicines, dose makes the poison. High level radiation is harmful, as is a high dose of a poison like atropine. But a reduced dose of the same chemical is a beneficial medicine. Hundreds of peer-reviewed studies document that low-level radiation stimulates the immune system, reducing the incidence of cancer, infection and birth defects.

Regulatory agencies adamantly resist admitting they are wrong. Doing so exposes the putative veracity of all regulatory edicts.

George Tomaich