Letters to the Editor

Bevin should name first woman to Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission

The Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission was formed when a number of sportsmen across the state urged the legislature to create an agency (Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Resources) and an oversight body (commission) that would be free from political influence and would represent sportsmen on important wildlife issues.

The legislature yielded to the request of the sportsmen and created the commission, making it bipartisan and representative of the hunters and anglers at that time.

The demographics of sports people have changed over the past century. Today, more than 25 percent of hunters and anglers are women and their numbers are growing. The composition of the commission, however, has remained entirely white and male.

This year, there are six seats up for appointment by Gov. Matt Bevin. Dr. Kristie Blevins, candidate for Central Kentucky’s 6th District, is a hunter, angler and wildlife enthusiast who is keenly interested in the outdoors, is engaged in the issues and has a passion for all forms of wildlife-associated recreation.

Bevin promised change, improvements and good government. It’s time for him to focus that change on the commission and be the first governor to appoint a female to that board who is qualified, engaged and excited to make the commitment.

Anna Marie Ostrom