Letters to the Editor

Lexington police getting too big to help

Sorry to say it, but it looks like the Lexington police are getting too big for their britches.

Example 1: About a month ago, a car club event was held to raise money to help a child who needed a new artificial limb. Eighty people paid an entry fee and participated in driving their beautiful old restored cars and a few old large trucks to Midway and returning through Paris to Lexington.

Several weeks before the event, Lexington police pulled out of a plan to delay a traffic light a couple of minutes to facilitate the participants’ left turn from the staging area.

No problem; several officers offered to help on their own time. When they told their supervisors, they were prohibited from helping.

Example 2: Right after the event, two of the participants were sitting in their back yard when windows all around them started to shatter. Pellets hit three panes of glass, coming dangerously close to the sitting individuals.

The police came immediately. A neighbor had seen the shooter on several occasions. When yelled at, the shooter responded, then disappeared.

When police checked the house the shots came from, there was no response. They said the case would be turned over to an officer assigned to such crimes in this area.

When called, even though a month had passed, the officer as much as said that he had lots of more important cases.

Russell C. Lay