Letters to the Editor

Ark visit can be learning experience

If public school students go to the Ark Encounter they will be presented with a theory of origins and the geologic column (creation and the flood). In school they have already been presented with another theory of those things (evolution).

Since science is defined as knowledge gained through observation and experiment, neither of these qualifies as science.

Both models rely on the exact same body of evidence but the adherents of each interpret the evidence differently. Where that evidence ends, both require a leap of faith. We call that leap of faith religion.

If it is not permissible to teach religious concepts in the public schools then it would seem that neither creation nor evolution should be taught.

However, if the purpose of education is to present the evidence accurately and objectively and allow the students to follow that evidence to its most plausible conclusion then a field trip to the Ark Encounter should not only be permitted but required.

Stephen Pruitt


(not the state education chief)