Letters to the Editor

Not a choice between gun violence, abortion

A recent letter saying that Congress should focus less on gun violence and more on preventing abortions is ludicrous. These topics are completely unrelated, and the author creates a false dichotomy by comparing the two.

He claims that Chicago’s gun violence is higher than ever even though its gun laws are strict. Since gun laws outside of Chicago are much more lax, there’s not a lot that the city can do about it without federal regulation.

The author also ignores Australia and how gun violence plummeted after a federal ban. But he doesn’t want a discussion; he has another agenda.

He then imagines a world in which every aborted fetus grows into a brilliant engineer or medical professional. Once again, the possibility of another person’s potential life has nothing to do with the actuality of gun violence in the present.

The only consistent thread is that this author dislikes congressional Democrats. That’s fine.

Unfortunately, people like this rarely care about making a consistent point or having a conversation about issues; they only care about strengthening the bipartisan divides that block much-needed discourse in this country.

We have to work together and have a helpful, logical discussion. Instead, people like this are just taking us closer to another civil war.

Bronson O’Quinn