Letters to the Editor

Trump is dictators’ puppet

Why would Vladmir Putin and Kim Jong-un, both ruthless and cunning dictators, praise Donald Trump as a candidate for president?

Putin wants the United States to suffer and fall the way the Soviet Union did. In the late 1970s and early ’80s, Putin was KGB (feared, manipulative and able to play anyone against or for anyone else). Is Trump Putin’s puppet?

Putin is keen to exploit personality weaknesses, of which Trump has a cornucopia: a lust for power, money, glory, women, but most of all acknowledgment and validation, respect from those he idealizes as strong.

I think Putin has already exploited these weaknesses in Trump.

As for Kim Jong-un, he similarly wants the demise of the United States, if for nothing else than to keep his people under the delusion that he is a god to be worshipped.

Putin and Kim, in supporting Trump and unified in their mutual goals of destroying the United States, know Trump will likely do so, if elected. At the very least, they know he would be stepping into an arena knowing nothing and having already announced far ahead that he is a fool.

Robert Moreland