Letters to the Editor

Second Amendment truths

In response to a recent letter on the Second Amendment: Please consider that the writer’s use of the definitions of what he deemed to be “the two most important words” are inaccurate for the time or the situation.

From the perspective of militia who show up with their own supplies, the term “regulate” is also defined as “to put in good order.”

As a citizens’ militia, the people answering the call could not have all their supplies provided by the government of the state in which they resided, hence “the people,” which are actually perhaps the two most important words, needed their own weapons and ammunition comparable to military grade.

Also “infringe” means “to encroach upon or violate law or the rights of another.”

Another few important words, “the right of the people” shall not be infringed. Hence, when you deny a citizen the possession of their property without due process you violate multiple civil rights.

So for the letter writer to argue that he will gladly see others’ rights violated speaks volumes to his lack of knowledge or character. His teachers and professors should be denied their salaries for his and his fellow students failure to understand civics.

Joseph Scarpulla