Letters to the Editor

Political fun at Fancy Farm

Fancy Farm is a very small predominantly Catholic village in far western Kentucky, 10 miles north of Mayfield in Graves County. On the first Saturday of August, one of this country's largest picnics is held there to benefit St. Jerome Catholic Church, the epicenter of the community.

The dinner is excellent and the games of chance enticing but many of us come for the politics, as it has become this state’s premier political event.

Fancy Farm represents politics from a past in which politicians spoke directly to the people before our politics was corrupted by obscene amounts of money where politicians are bought and sold.

And so again this year, the Republicans will bus in throngs of youthful supporters. They will utilize a broken record claiming that the Democratic senatorial candidate, if elected, will be but a pawn of a Democratic presidential administration. The Democrats will come, hoping against hope, that the above might be reversed. Although not one vote will be changed on this humid afternoon, it is such great political theatre.

Fancy Farm is similar to the Kentucky Derby, in that every Kentuckian, before being released from these earthly bounds, should experience it at least once.

George Hanranhan Jr.