Letters to the Editor

Critic must demand quality

Unlike a previous letter writer, I do not expect nor want Tedrin Blair Lindsay to compromise his view or grade on the curve just because a show isn’t charging Broadway prices.

Any patron has the right to expect a fair assessment of any theatrical endeavor that is demanding their entertainment dollar and time.

Nor can any critic make the assumption, that the letter writer does, that the audience shares their opinion.

A critic should assess what a production is attempting to achieve, deliver an opinion on it, own that opinion and articulately defend it.

Part of a critic’s role is to nurture a thriving arts community. That cannot be done without being scrupulously objective and holding all to the same artistic standard. To give a pass to something less than satisfying or mediocre only encourages more mediocre arts.

There is no magic of theater if the theater is not up to snuff. Bad theater can turn a potential audience off theater for good.

As one fortunate enough to make his living in the dramatic arts for more than 40 years (and who has endured his critical knocks), I know that to have a vital arts scene you must have criticism that demands the best, not the good enough.

Charles Edward Pogue