Letters to the Editor

We have a right to answers

I’m so tired of the baseless rhetoric coming from diehard liberals. A recent letter complaining about misusing congressional hearings as a vendetta against the writer’s chosen presidential candidate is without merit.

FBI Director James Comey’s report outlined a case of deception, outright lies and lack of judgment in the unlawful use of a private server by our ex-secretary of state.

Yet his decision not to file criminal charge was so baffling that the people deserved to know how he arrived at that decision. Also, the attorney general refused to answer specific questions at least 70 times at a hearing.

The six 9/11 attacks resulting in 3,427 deaths (seven congressional hearings) and the attack that killed four in Benghazi (eight congressional hearings) were horrifically different.

Sadly, the 3,427 deaths were the result of surprise attacks. Not only was the Benghazi attack forewarned, but also the Americans there begged for military assistance before and during the attack, resulting in the deaths of the U.S. ambassador and three of his protectors.

We deserved to know why our ex-secretary of state failed in her leadership.

The only crass element in the writer’s diatribe is his choice of presidential nominee due to liberals’ herding instinct.

Ellen Barjuca