Letters to the Editor

Thank Troubadour volunteers

I read the great July 24 story on Steve Earle and Shawn Colvin, and only when I got to the end did I think: “wait a minute, isn’t this the Troubadour Concert that is coming up this week?” I scanned the story again and couldn’t find a word about Troubadour. I looked on the concert series website to confirm that it was, indeed, a Troubadour Concert.

I have some particular interest as I am with Highbridge Springs, one of the sponsors of the concert series.

Although many people know the story of the Troubadour Concert Series, the short version is that these concerts are staffed all by volunteers and have been since 1995. That is quite an accomplishment, and Michael Johnathan never fails to talk about their quality and dedication. In the time Highbridge Springs has been associated with the concert series, I have had ample opportunity to witness the professionalism and dedication of these people. Thank them next time you go to a concert that is made possible by their unpaid work. Also all the media, food and transportation are donated, making it financially possible for Highbridge Springs to afford to kick in the funds to help keep the music flowing.

Linda Griffin Slagel