Letters to the Editor

New low on coverage of Rand Paul’s campaign debt

What more dramatic display of the Herald-Leader’s total unfairness could there be than the hit piece against Sen. Rand Paul on the July 31 front page, irresponsibly trying to contrast the presently unpaid bills of the senator’s presidential campaign, bills that will be paid, with his consistent opposition to the profligate spending of the federal government that has produced an indebtedness rapidly approaching $20 trillion that will never be paid and that will bring this country to its knees?

The newspaper failed to mention that while taxpayers are on the hook for the national debt, the senator is seeking no law requiring taxpayers to pay his campaign debts. Also, the paper’s editorial will continue to give full-throated support to Democratic politicians, who along with a few Republicans, have an unquenchable thirst to compel taxpayers to make more and more people dependent on the federal government.

They do so not out of their feigned compassion for the needy but to get votes, leaving in the wake the lost dignity and selfrespect of once proud, hard-working citizens

Surely attorney Joseph Welch's question to Sen. Joseph McCarthy in 1954 is apropos: “At long last have you left no sense of decency?”

William A. Rice