Letters to the Editor

Prather echoes liberals

Any thought that Paul Prather is the Herald-Leader’s religion writer is gone, having disappeared into the fog of liberal Democratic dogma. It appears the reverend has done what all Herald-Leader writers must do, prove that he is just another lap dog for the Democratic Party.

In his July 1 column, he took a cheap shot at Donald Trump (the Christian thing to do?) while dutifully avoiding any mention of Hillary Clinton’s “extreme carelessness” or other shortcomings.

His July 29 column was little more than an advertisement for Clinton’s run for the presidency. In that column he wrote, “Ninety-five out of 100 of us remain gainfully employed.” This would come as a surprise to the 94 million Americans not working. It’s almost as big a deception as President Barack Obama’s, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”

Americans should educate themselves as to how the government actually calculates the unemployment rate and learn about the labor force participation rate, also issued each month by the government. This rate has been going down since February 2009 and is at a 38-year low, which is a very bad economic indicator. The Herald-Leader doesn’t like to talk about that.

Terry Burlew