Letters to the Editor

Can’t trust the media

It’s amazing how the media have become cheerleaders and excuse makers for the Democrats.

When so-called reporters are talking about something positive with regard to Democrats, they can hardly contain themselves. They’re giddy like little schoolgirls.

But when it’s something positive about Republicans, watch how sad and depressed they sound.

Kentucky is turning a corner, and the Democrats in the media don’t like it. So-called newspapers like the Herald-Leader can’t keep a subscription base because the content is so liberal.

Yet these die-hard liberals would rather publish what amounts to Democratic propaganda and alienate most of the potential subscribers in their market.

So, would one conclude these folks are in favor of unbiased news, or do they want to push the liberal view on everybody, controlling what we read as news?

At this stage, we know we cannot trust the media. Hopefully, the day will come when they go back to actual reporting, but until then, use your own common sense.

Bill Marshall