Letters to the Editor

Liberalism lacks concern

Donald Trump’s wall seems to give Democrats a big laugh. So imagine how hard I laughed seeing the no-scale fence stretching nearly five miles around Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Convention. Who did she need to keep out: illegal aliens, cops or maybe her husband’s old flames?

Our citizens along the southern U.S. border would love that kind of protection, but they have to fight for their land and their lives all by themselves.

Neither Clinton nor President Barack Obama has any concern or respect for our citizens.

When Obama strutted into the memorial for the murdered Dallas police officers, his priority was the two black men killed by policemen the week before. The memorialized officers had nothing to do with those two deaths. I was embarrassed. Who’s Obama gonna call when he needs help? Ghostbusters?

I’ve always known that liberalism is a form of mental illness. After eight years of Obama as president and four of Clinton as secretary of state, I’m positive I’m right.

Karen Hall