Letters to the Editor

Visit the state fair

Since 1902, people have come to the Kentucky State Fair to celebrate our great commonwealth and to discover the very best of what it has to offer.

The fair performs the delicate balancing act of honoring the state’s rich history and reflecting the ever-evolving lives of those who call it home. At the heart of the fair is the celebration and recognition of agriculture and our roots as an agrarian state.

Visitors are introduced to the biggest, latest and most important achievements, accomplishments and advancements in agriculture, manufacturing, education, social and economic trends, and entertainment, urban and rural.

An estimated 600,000 visitors will visit the Kentucky Exposition Center Aug.18-28 in search of a day they’ll never forget, one filled with extraordinary sights, smells, sounds, tastes, experiences and more. Nearly 1,000 Kentucky State Fair staff and event employees will be at the ready to ensure they receive it.

From the biggest pumpkin to free giveaways, games of chance to the grand champion steer, a blue-ribbon quilt to deep-fried Derby Pie, there is truly something for everyone at the Kentucky State Fair.

For more information: www.kystatefair.org.

Dr. Mark Lynn

Chairman, Kentucky State Fair Board