Letters to the Editor

WHOX television

The weather forecasters seem more interested in reporting the heat index rather than the actual temperature, which is lower. It makes one wonder if the man-made global-warming hoax is their reason, especially since there has been no actual warming for about 20 years, making the alarmists a bit antsy.

In 1936 in Lexington, the actual highs on June 29 and 30 June were, respectively, 101 and 100. On July 7 through 15, the high temps were, respectively, 101, 106, 106, 108, 104, 104, 103, 106 and 108. From Aug. 18 through 22, the actual temps were, respectively, 103, 105, 104, 104 and 104. On Aug. 27 through Sept. 14, the daily temperature was 101. Eighty years ago, Lexington had its hottest summer on record, never mind any heat-index upgrades.

In the 1970s, the climate gurus warned of an impending, dangerous cold wave about to devastate the world. Didn’t happen. An insignificant uptick in temperature has occurred, probably due to a change in the Earth-sun relationship (sunspots theory). Last year, sea ice volume in the southern oceans abutting Antarctica was at the highest level ever recorded. For now, the polar bears are safe.

James Clark