Letters to the Editor

Blinding satanic influence

When will the illiterate anti-God crowd accept the true reason the First Amendment was placed in the Constitution?

In 1787 “an establishment of religion” referred to an “established church” or one supported by taxpayer dollars, regardless of whether the taxpayer was a member. About 75 percent of the 2.5 million population at the time were church members. Some 1 million were members of the Anglican or Congressional Churches and were required to pay taxes to support the clergy. Most of these freedom-loving immigrants came to the New World to escape church taxation and resented their taxes being used in this manner. Consequently the first, and possibly most important, amendment was placed in our Constitution.

Obviously, satanic influence has blinded the minds of the “wall of separation'” crowd to the point that they are unable to understand history and accept the reason our forefathers placed freedom of religion in the Constitution. May God help them in their blindness.

Dean Sturgill