Letters to the Editor

Name school for Sexton

Several names have been proposed for the new Lexington high school. All are worthy of consideration. Here’s another suggestion:

As executive director of the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence, the late Robert F. Sexton brought about major changes in Kentucky education, including the Kentucky Education Reform Act of 1990 and the Kentucky Post-secondary Education Improvement Act of seven years later.

His forceful presentation before judges appointed by the Harvard Kennedy School of Government helped earn the Kentucky Department of Education the highly prestigious Innovations in American Government Award in 1997.

Among the other education initiatives he helped found: Kentucky Governor’s Scholar program, Kentucky Center for Public Issues; the Commonwealth Institute for Teachers and the Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership.

As quoted in the Herald-Leader when Sexton’s papers were donated to the University of Kentucky in 2013, former Fayette County school district Superintendent Stu Silberman described him as “a man who dedicated his whole life to making sure all the kids in the commonwealth got a great education.”

While the other individuals proposed as namesakes for the school have achieved much, none has so directly contributed to Kentucky education as Robert F. Sexton.

John M. Shotwell