Letters to the Editor

Paul an utter failure

Sen. Rand Paul should stop using fear to market ignorance. I’m offended that he even mentioned my hometown, Whitesburg, in his commentary.

He is not going to bring back mining jobs. He has promised this every year since he took office and he has accomplished nothing. He has demonstrated no understanding of the coal industry or the economics of Eastern Kentucky.

I challenge anyone to cite anything Paul has done that has had an impact on your life or region since he took office. He has been rejected, soundly, by his party as a presidential candidate. Kentucky should reject him, too.

Paul likes to use words like “Constitution” and “liberty” as condiments for those gullible enough to consume his pap. When he does, those words are meaningless. But the one stark, painful reality is that Paul has done nothing for Kentucky or this nation.

Kentucky needs far more than the conspiracy theories, empty platitudes and the utter failure that is Paul. Kentucky needs a senator who comprehends Kentucky’s needs; one who won’t lie to Kentuckians. Paul is not that senator. Vote for Jim Gray in November to end Paul’s era of failure.

Bill Adkins