Letters to the Editor

Taylors deserving of pay

I wholeheartedly agree with the July 3 letter “Pay college ex-president.” My family has a long history with the University of the Cumberlands, going back to when my father and grandfather attended Cumberland College. Under the 35-year leadership of President Jim Taylor, my husband and I watched the university grow from a small two-year college into a thriving four-year university.

We have witnessed the transformation of the campus, the expanding curriculum and the growth of student projects like Mountain Outreach, which has built 147 houses since 1982. We have seen students from our economically deprived area of Eastern Kentucky graduate and achieve goals even they thought impossible.

We have proudly contributed to the university, knowing that under the leadership of Taylor and his esteemed staff, the goals he set would be consummated.

Jim and Dinah Taylor’s altruism has extended far beyond campus. Their bereavement work since their only child died in 1991 has touched thousands of families across the country. For 35 years, they have given tirelessly to both the university and bereavement communities.

To think their retirement hangs in the balance of an administration unwilling to abide by a legitimate contract is unconscionable.

Rosemary C. Smith